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Offerings and Attributes

Stumpf coats portions of these salvaged wood and metal constructions with a thick, icing-like layer of white acrylic or encaustic and a thin, skin-like layer of sienna, a tonality created by steeped tea bag papers. Certain sculptural elements are left raw, such as a piece of burnt broom, typewriter parts, piano wire, antique wooden molds and boxes, as well as gourds and leather remnants.

This particular body of work alludes to a myriad of subjects, including ancestry, states of being, goddesses, bee shamanism, and past loves. A number of the titles are in Latin, and one is specifically derived from a hymn found in the final chapter of Metamorphoses by the Roman philosopher Apuleius. Some of the pieces were inspired by the poems of Hafiz and Pablo Neruda as well as the music of composer Arvo Pärt.

For the artist, these works are like secrets and prayers, celebrations and meditations, offerings and attributes to the themes of love & loss.