Stumpf is recognized for using unorthodox materials to create her elaborately dense assembled paintings. They are some of the artist’s most significantly-sized work. These decadent amalgamations are made with quite an array of materials that include artificial flowers, removed antique wallpaper, a rusted wheel barrel, broken antique chandelier pieces, a found run-over book, jewelry from deceased family members, unraveled rope, hand-torn paper and board, childhood toys and dresses, animal bones, and a wasp. In addition, each series has a unique surface coating, such as the creamy elegant white, the gritty deep red, the aged sense of rust, and the calcified and granular feel of the sand. These abstract constructions embody both metamorphosis and transmutation. Stumpf pulls from ancient history, mythology, personal history, the cycles of life and death, and the poetry of Rilke and Neruda.

View a selection of Stumpf’s assembled paintings below.