• Brenda Stumpf, mixed media abstract sculpture

Welcome to the art of Brenda Stumpf

Brenda Stumpf, detail of large scale mixed media painting


These complex assembled paintings show the intricate and layered  work that I’m known for.


Brenda Stumpf, mixed media abstract sculpture


A selection of mixed media and found object sculpture that often resemble relics or totems.


Brenda Stumpf, detail of abstract collage

Works on Paper

An array of medium that includes drawing, collage and scratched photographs.


  • Brenda Stumpf, contemporary American abstract artist

A bit about me

I’m a self taught artist who relishes in creating with discarded and found materials. Being drawn to the mysterious, dark and secretive, it’s no surprise that recurring themes in my work reference mythology, ancient history, alchemy, classical music and poetry.

My exhibition history spans almost 25 years and that’s in large part to the enormous support of my 300+ private collectors throughout the United States and abroad.

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What designers, collectors and critics are saying…

Gritty, vaguely sinister, always allusive…

Douglas Max UtterAngle Magazine

All at once, they reference a century of abstract art while maintaining a unique focus.

Kurt ShawPittsburgh Tribune

She is meticulous, responsive to clients, and balanced our aesthetic needs and her artistic integrity.

RiekoPrivate commission. Boulder, CO

Complex and exotic, her sculptures appeal to a sense of the mythical…

Joyce DavisReporter-Herald

…densely composed and elaborately constructed – they’re downright baroque.

Michael PagliaWestword

What she delivered was the perfect “whole” in my life of music. It brought me to tears.

FrancesPrivate commission. Parker, CO

Stumpf’s work resonates on aesthetic, intellectual, and spiritual levels.

Eleanor LeBeauScene Magazine