Brenda Stumpf’s elaborate paintings and sculptures can be characterized by a Baroque sensibility intertwined with evocative subject matter. Mostly a self taught artist, she composes works from nontraditional materials that are opulently tactile, and occupy a space of both virility and delicateness. Stumpf’s vast-ranging references have included Pandora, the Black Madonna, Seshat, victims of Jack the Ripper, the Crusades, alchemy, the music of Arvo Pärt and the poetry of Pablo Neruda. “Creating art is a mystical and potent act,” she says. “it’s a shamanistic environ that transcends time and space.”

Download a PDF of Brenda Stumpf’s 2017 CV.



1972 Parma, OH
Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA

1991-1993 Columbus College of Art and Design

2017The Mine Factory, Ritual & Relic, Pittsburgh, PA
2016Bill Lowe Gallery, Cavomyrt, Atlanta, GA
2015Box Heart Gallery, Between Worlds, Pittsburgh, PA
2013GroundSwell Gallery, Odes, Denver, CO
2012Ironton Gallery, Blood Roses: A Cycle of Souls, Denver, CO
2010Walker Fine Art, Seshat, Denver, CO
2008Box Heart Gallery, Eggs Rocks Pearls, Pittsburgh, PA
2007Valley Art Center, Utterances, Chagrin Falls, OH
2006E. Gordon Gallery, Offerings and Attributes, Cleveland, OH
2006…Brandt Gallery, The Dressmaker and the Tailor, Cleveland, OH
2006…Exit Gallery, Sand and Water, Kent, OH
2005University of Cincinnati Clermont College Art Gallery, Embedded, Cincinnati, OH
2004Box Heart Gallery, Bride of Epimetheus, Pittsburgh, PA
2003Kelly Randall Gallery, The Hidden, Cleveland, OH
2000Southside Gallery, Multisensory Perception, Cleveland, OH
1998Art at the Powerhouse, From the Gilded Cage, Cleveland, OH

2009Eva G. Farris Art Gallery at Thomas More College, Elegeia, with painter Tom Kelly, Crestview Hills, KY
2008Hinterland, Das Ueberhaupt, with artist Sabin Aell, Denver, CO
2008…Walker Fine Art, Black & White, with sculptor Jerry Wingren, Denver, CO
2007Sam Quinn, Fragments, with painter Marissa Shell, Philadelphia, PA
2004Mosaic the Gallery, The Unspoken, Collaborative work with painter Joshua Hogan, Cleveland, OH
2004…Pavanna Gallery, Walls Wires Wells: Elements of a Relationship, with photographer Eric Vaughn, Cleveland, OH
2002River Gallery, 2D/3D, with ceramicist Robert Bruch, Rocky River, OH

2017Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Compulsion, Sewickley, PA
2015…Janice Charach Gallery, Essence of Life, West Bloomfield, MI
2016Lascaux Gallery, Past, Present, Future, New York, NY
2015Bill Lowe Gallery, Ancestors: Origin and Return, Atlanta, GA
2015…Lane Meyer Projects, Touched For the Very First Time, Denver, CO
2015…Box Heart Gallery, The Unspoken, Pittsburgh, PA
2014Loveland Public Library, Creativity Inside the Box, Loveland, CO
2014…Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, 17th Annual Art Auction – STYLE, FORM and COLOR, Great Falls, MT
2013Littleton Museum, Own an Original, Margaretta Gilboy juror, Littleton, CO
2013…Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 15th Annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Juried Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
2013…Aurora Public Library, The Art of Rubbish, Aurora, CO
2011Loveland Sculpture Invitational, 20th Anniversary Show, Loveland, CO
2011…Sopa Fine Arts, Sixth Annual U8, Kelowna, BC
2011…Muse Gallery, EcoCreations, Juried exhibition, best in Show, Longmont, CO
2011…Denver International Airport and the State Capital, Creative Capital Metro Denver Exhibition, Denver, CO
2010Walker Fine Art, 2010 Year in Preview, Denver, CO
2009Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The 8th Annual Art & Design Auction, Boulder, CO
2009…The Butler Institute of American Art, The 73rd Midyear Exhibition, Youngstown, OH
2009…Foothills Art Center, Colorado Art Open 2009, Christoph Heinrich and Michael Chavez jurors, Golden, CO
2008Denver Community Museum, Mummify Me, Denver, CO
2008…Core New Art Space, WOW Show: Wide Open Whatever, Denver, CO
2007Canco Lofts, The Memory of Water & Fire: A Celebration of the Elemental, Jersey City, NJ
2007…Gallery 364, Timeless, Brooklyn, NY
2007…Box Heart Gallery, The 6th Annual Art Inter/National…Here and Abroad, Pittsburgh, PA
2006Pen and Brush, The 60th Annual Sculpture Exhibition, New York, NY
2006…Artists Space, Night of 1,000 Drawings, New York, NY
2006…Garfield Artworks, Immaterial, Pittsburgh, PA
2005Viridian Artists, NewsArt: Art From Another Reality, New York, NY
2005…Viridian Artists, Director’s Choice Slide Show, shown with an exhibit juried by Robert Rosenblum, New York, NY
2005…Studio Montclair, Taboo, international exhibition juried by Jerry Saltz, Montclair, NJ
2005…Pen and Brush, The 59th Annual Sculpture Exhibition, New York, NY
2004Gallery Twenty-Four, 2004 International Assemblage Artist Exhibition, Berlin, GER
2003Morgan-West Studio/Gallery, Gnostic Devotions, New Orleans, LA
2003…Gallery Twenty-Four, 2003 International Assemblage Artist Exhibition, Berlin, GER
2003…Viscous Arena, Bitch: Verb or Noun, national exhibition, Cleveland, OH
2000James M Cox Fine Arts Center, Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, OH
1998The Butler Institute of American Art, The 62nd Midyear Exhibition, Youngstown, OH

2015Love Art Toronto, Box Heart Gallery, Toronto, CANADA
2014Echo Arts Fair, Box Heart Gallery, Buffalo, NY

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The Crawford Hotel
Eastern New Mexico University
Liberty Financial Bank Building
St. Vincent Charity Hospital
Trinity Cathedral
The Ellet Library
The Caritas AIDS Memorial, St. Augustine Manor

Acclaimed Artist Series through New Mexico Arts Art in Public Places program, NM
Best of Show, EcoCreations, Muse Gallery, Longmont, CO
Honorable Mention, Timeless, Gallery 364, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. J. Kuncaitis Award, Thirty Fourth Annual Juried Exhibition, Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH
Second place nomination, 2003 International Assemblage Artist Exhibition, Gallery Twenty-Four, Berlin, GER
Best of Show, Sacred Art Exhibition, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
Best of Fine Arts, Discover the Treasure, The Civic, Cleveland Heights, OH
Columbus College of Art and Design Scholarship, Columbus, OH